WILD WIGGILYZ are here! Every purchase of WILD WIGGILYZ helps women, their families & protects an acre of forest. These charming finger puppets are hand-knit for a fair wage by guilds of women living in Peru. In addition, through, Nature & Culture International, protected areas are created by local communities and governments.
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Bring learning to life!
Our live painted lady caterpillars inspire children with curiosity about nature and science. Even the youngest children learn science basics as caterpillars grow, make their chrysalises and emerge transformed into beautiful butterflies. Classroom activities include careful observation, counting, measuring, comparing, scientific drawing, writing, experimenting and reporting.
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It has never been more important to inspire children to care for the Earth. Since launching our organization in 1989, Earth’s Birthday Project has provided environmentally focused, hands-on educational experiences, designed to ignite awe and excitement in the hearts of young children, parents, teachers and entire communities. Each child we touch represents a future citizen of the world, helping to create an entire generation of caring, protective stewards for the
Earth. To date, we’ve reached over 15 million children with our materials. With your help, we will reach even more.
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