Rainforest Tour

From the mountain ridges
to coral reefs in the sea,

is a big, amazing place to see!

If you lived in the rainforest  
& made it your home

If you had feathers & fur
where would you roam?

With a pod of dolphins
In the warm, blue sea?


In a jabiru nest
On an emergent tree?


Where would you live?
Who would you be?

Would you hide on a leaf
Like a red-eyed tree frog?


Would you be an iguana
Asleep on a log?


Would you climb a ceiba
Which holds up the sky?


Or be a crocodile
Scaly and shy?


Where would you live?
What would you eat?

Would you live in the mountains
And fish on the beach?


As a jaguar, you’d hunt
on the forest floor.


As a tapir, you’d forage
the river shore.


Like a wowla snake,
would you coil around prey?


Or be an aracari,
plucking fruit all day? 


Would you search under rocks
like a coatimundi?


Or be an leaf-cutter ant
who gardens fungi?


Where would you live?
What would you know,

If you flew through the air
like a blue morpho?


Would you live in the branches
of the canopy?


Would it be fun to swing
like a howler monkey?


An orchid lives
In understory shade.


And fireants live
in burrows they made.


Where would you live?
What would you wish
Among the living coral
As a shiny fish?


Where would you live?
What would you like?

To sleep all day
Like a fox who is hungry?

And play all night,
Like a shy jaguarundi?

The margay cat
climbs limbs with ease.


And scarlet macaws
play up in the trees. 


The manatee lives
near mangrove trees.


Where freshwater streams
meet salty seas.


And what would you do
if your home went away?
What would you think?
What would you say?


We all need a home
and our homes need protection.
We all should live free
without fear of extinction.


We all are unique,
and wherever we live
We all play a part
and have something to give.


No job is too big;
No action too small.
For the care of the Earth
Is the task of us all.


Photo Credits: trphoto - Tony Rath; rtg - Rachel T. Graham. Our thanks to Rachel T. Graham, Will Heyman, Wil Maheia & TIDE, Programme for Belize, Tony Rath of Naturalight Productions Ltd. and The Nature Conservancy.



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