Big Gift to the Earth

Why Are Rainforests So Important?

Rainforests Are ImportantRainforests are important to life everywhere on our Earth. While they cover only 6 percent of the planet’s surface, rainforests are home to more than half the Earth’s plant and animal species. There are many plants, animals and people that could not survive anywhere else.
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Rainforest Vocabulary

Rainforest VocabularyThe dynamic variety of species in the rainforests is called biodiversity. Each species of plant and animal is connected to every other species in a web of life. This community of animals and plants is called an ecosystem.
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Rainforest Tour

Rainforest TourAn introduction to the rainforest in pictures and poetry—for early elementary. The animals and landscapes of the rainforest are amazing; share the journey together! Fun for parents too.
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Rainforest Wonder

Rainforest WonderBring the rainforest into your classroom with a little imagination! Explore the 5 senses - sight, sound, touch, taste and smell - with these creative activities. Early elementary students especially enjoy these fun adventures like building a rainforest in your classroom. And be sure to check out the recipes for Jungle Jumble and Tropical Popcorn Crunch.
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Amazon Discoveries

Rainforest DiscoveryHandouts for grades PreK-6—based on animals of the Amazon rainforest. Handouts for grades 2-6 are short articles on rainforest animals for reading comprehension with question sets.
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100 Acts of Care

What are acts of care for the Earth? This is a take-home activity that gets kids and parents involved in conserving water and energy at home. The 100 Acts are thoughtful actions that make life better for all living things on our planet.
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1 Sq Yd of Rainforest

One Square Yard This unit provides 3 activities for grades 4-6 to practice math skills: measurement, area of rectangles, and ratio and proportion. Teach students about the importance of the rainforest biome and that their actions can make a difference in protecting this valuable habitat. One penny can purchase 1 square yard of rainforest! One classroom can have a positive impact on rainforest conservation.
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Every Drop Counts!

imageThis unit, 3 activities for upper elementary and middle school, helps students learn about household water use. Students can make a big difference by learning how their families use water in their homes. By reducing water usage, our cities will be more sustainable and there will be enough water for people, agriculture and ecosystems.
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What Makes an Ice Cube Melt Faster?

Water ExperimentsDiscover the fastest way to start an ice cube melting - like a scientist. Observe, count time, compare and contrast, get a little wet and have fun. This K-2 experiment is a great way to start the school year with wonder and discovery.
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Sea Turtle Handouts

imageIf you love sea turtles or you’re raising funds to save them, you won’t want to miss our free resources for grades K-6. Slide shows, picture gallery, link to the best online coloring book. Plus turtle facts and a quiz. And we’ve resized our challenging middle school science-math activity for grades 4-5.
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