Make a Butterfly House

Butterfly House Box
Step 1: Selecting the materials
For the house: Use an aquarium or a large cardboard box.
Gather materials: Plastic wrap or netting; scissors; tape; art supplies (optional); twig.

Step 2: Preparing the house
If you are using an aquarium, skip to step 3.
Cut out one side of the box to create a viewing window.
Cut a flap in the side or back of the box. The flap should be large enough to reach in and feed the butterflies.
Use a pencil to punch a row of air holes on each side of the box.
Butterfly Feeding Cup
Step 3: Making the house a home
What would butterflies enjoy having in their home? Discuss ideas, and have children decorate the box by coloring it, or pasting on pictures of flowers, plants, etc. Make sure the pictures don’t block the flap or air holes! If using glue or paint, let the box air out for several days before moving in the chrysalides.
Place a large twig on the bottom of the butterfly house at a 45 degree angle (leaning against the side of the box).

Step 4: Moving in
Place chrysalides inside, according to care instructions.
Create a viewing window by stretching plastic wrap or netting over the open side of the box. Secure with tape.
Wait for your butterflies to emerge.
Butterfly House

Building your Moth House

•  Follow the butterfly house instructions.
•  Tape paper towels to two inside walls of the house for the moths to hang from during wing formation.
•  Luna Moths are large, and need lots of room to stretch their wings! If you put them in with your butterflies, make sure that they have plenty of room. Otherwise, you can build them a separate home.

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