Have a Butterfly Celebration

Each school celebrates the Earth’s Birthday a little differently, bringing their own unique ideas and interests to the event. Get creative!

Anytime between March and June is a good time to celebrate the Earth’s Birthday. Holidays like Earth Day, May Day and Mother’s Day each give a unique focus to your celebration.

Maybe you want to release your butterflies quietly on your playground; maybe you want to have cake, games, and songs as part of your celebration. However you choose to release your butterflies, remind everyone that these butterflies are a special gift from children to the Earth!

When everyone is gathered together, please remember to take the Earth’s Birthday Pledge!

No job is too big - No action too small
For the care of the Earth - Is the task of us all!

Here are some activities for your Butterfly Celebration:

Birthday Cards for the Earth Birthday Cards for the Earth

Butterfly Certificate Butterffly Certificate

Butterfly Party Hats Butterfly Party Hats

Butterfly Life Cycle Song


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