Butterfly Party Hats

Materials Needed: Colored construction paper (for headbands); White paper (for the butterfly templates); Crayons; Tissue Paper; Paints; Pipe Cleaners; Scissors; Glue/glue sticks; Stapler; Tape Measure.
How about wearing butterfly headdresses at this year’s party? They can be easily made from white and/or colored construction paper, and can be a further exercise in practicing symmetry.

Using a butterfly shape as a template, cut butterflies from white or colored construction paper. Have students decorate with glitter, crayons, paint, or tissue paper. You can pre-cut or tear the tissue. Paper-tearing gives it a soft edge.
Then, using a measuring tape, measure around each child’s head. Cut a 2-inch wide headband from colored construction paper that measures 2-inches longer than the distance around his/her head (for example, if the child’s head measures 14 inches around, cut the length of the paper to 16 inches). Have kids pair off and measure each other, then have them do the addition of 2 extra inches themselves!

Staple the center bottom of the finished butterfly to the middle of the headband. Put the headdress on the child’s head, and staple the loose ends together, so the headdress fits snugly, but can still be removed. If you’re feeling especially creative, attach pipe cleaners to the butterfly’s head as antennae!

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