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Amazing Bugs! On Sale!

Live BugsSave $8-$10! Order for FALL or SPRING delivery. Boost basic science and math skills! Amazing Bugs Kits are nature’s way of making science fun. Observing, counting, measuring, questioning and reporting widen students’ minds and nurture appreciation and affection for small wonders of the natural world.
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Share your Photos, Share the Wonder

We love to see what happens in your classroom - please send us photos or videos of how you inspire wonder, learning and care with your students. It is great to see your butterflies, ladybugs, sunflowers and more. It inspires us! If we have your permission, we’d love to share your photos in our network of teachers. Without permission, we promise to never share them. But we like seeing them anyway. Download and print a photo release from our Contact page.
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Care Info for Insects

Care Info for InsectsNeed to care for ladybugs? Wondered if bessbugs are too much trouble? You can learn everything you need to know about caring for each of our insects right here. Print out a PDF for handy reference or to share with colleagues.
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Live Ants

AntsThese super-strong, super-busy insects build amazing underground nests, and our see-through habitat lets you watch them work. Students observe, draw, color, count, map tunnels and describe. Oh, and did you know? There are more than 1.5 million ants for every single person living on Earth!
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Live Bessbugs

BessbugsCalled “patent-leather beetles” after their glossy black exoskeletons, these big beetles are fun to handle. But be careful! Their jaws are strong and, although they don’t bite, they can pinch a bit. They also squeak! Our free activities include instructions for a Penny Pull, which measures how many pennies the mighty bessbug can haul.
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Live Giant Moths

Luna MothsExplore the world of nocturnal creatures and the wonders of nighttime. A big, beautiful moth arrives in its cocoon and emerges 2–4 weeks later. Observe and then release it as a gift to the Earth. Minimum care required. Giant moths are a good companion with Painted Ladies, so that you can compare the similarities and differences of moths and butterflies.
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Live Hornworms

HornwormsLive caterpillars arrive looking like tiny green birthday candles. They soon grow up to be green giants, and they make a cool red-brown cocoon. Hornworms grow really fast, and the exciting hornworm activity is all about measuring change over time, the number one, rock-bottom basic science and applied math skill. You’ll have an amazing time with these fast-growing, easy to handle, gentle, fascinating caterpillars.
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Live Ladybugs

LadybugsLadybugs are the polka-dot charmers of the insect world. Our little orange-and-black beauties provide abundant opportunities to observe, count, describe and graph. They come in packs of hundreds, so you’ll get some for each student. Put them in zipper sandwich bags for easy observing. Can you see the head and legs? How many spots? When you release them outdoors, you know you’re giving a really good gift to the Earth: a female ladybug may eat 5,000 aphids in her short life!
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Live Praying Mantis

Praying MantisTalk about baby boomers—your praying mantis egg cases may hatch 50-150 nymphs each! Nymphs eat each other until they’re large enough to capture fruit flies, an observation activity your students won’t want to miss. Mantises are truly the heroes of the garden, devourers of the worst insect pests, and sometimes unwary mice and frogs, too! 
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Live Red Worms

imageAn impactful, year-long classroom project. Students create a worm composter and then observe as food scraps, leaves and grass clippings, paper and other non-meat/non-dairy contributions are transformed into nutrient-rich compost. A great science activity as well as a simple, practical contribution to the earth. Comes with cup of 75-100 red worms and full instructions. Suitable for students in kindergarten through middle school/junior high.
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