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  • Use Coinstar to donate your pennies, dimes & quarters to rainforest conservation.
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Live Butterflies

Bring learning to life!
Our live painted lady caterpillars inspire children with curiosity about nature and science. Even the youngest children learn science basics as caterpillars grow, make their chrysalises and emerge transformed into beautiful butterflies. Classroom activities include careful observation, counting, measuring, comparing, scientific drawing, writing, experimenting and reporting.
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Kids Donate to Conserve Rainforests!

Kids are donating pennies, dimes & quarters for rainforest conservation through the Big Gift to the Earth. Every year, students and teachers around the U.S. raise funds to purchase and protect threatened habitats and endangered species. Since 1989, their combined efforts have raised millions to save more than 700,000 acres of tropical rainforest.
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Wonder Learning Care

Get involved! Earth’s Birthday Project has been helping teachers and students make a world of difference since 1989. Our Big Gift program empowers thousands of children every year to save threatened rainforest and combat global warming. Live butterflies and other insects inspire wonder and care for all of Earth’s animals and habitats. And the proceeds from our catalogs and online store support education and conservation.
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Simple Science: Butterfly Handouts

Simple Science: Butterfly HandoutsReady to learn more about painted lady butterflies? Get your students observing, describing, measuring, counting, writing and drawing with these free downloads on Butterfly Anatomy, the Painted Lady Butterfly Life Cycle, a Caterpillar Growth Chart and a Butterfly Vocabulary list that even a lepidopterist can learn from.
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Ladybugs, Ants, Red Worms & More

LadybugsWe have Simple Science activities and handouts for all of the insects we offer including life cycles, anatomy and fun facts. There are also coloring pages, word searches and more in Fun Stuff.
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Fun Stuff: Sunflower Handouts

Fun Stuff: SunflowersIt’s fun to plant seeds in the dirt and help them grow, but these Fun Stuff activities are also lots of fun. Make a little book about sunflowers, learn a song about growing and a play a word scramble with the letters in sunflowers.
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Share your Photos, Share the Wonder

imageWe love to see what happens in your classroom - please send us photos or videos of how you inspire wonder, learning and care with your students. It is great to see your butterflies, ladybugs, sunflowers and more. It inspires us! If we have your permission, we’d love to share your photos in our network of teachers. Without permission, we promise to never share them. But we like seeing them anyway. Download and print a photo release from our Contact page.
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